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We developed the program to enable you to quickly add emoticons MSN, ICQ и Skype chat windows. The keys F1-F12, PrtScr, ScrLock and Pause are preprogrammed for entering the most frequently used ones in MSN:

  Other messengers' users, however, can easily re-program them as well as all other keys on their keyboard to another single key or multiple key combination.

  For example, a combination "Ctrl+S" can be assigned to "*" key on keyboard's Numeric Pad and "Ctrl+Alt+Del" - to "Pause".

Hence, "X-SMILE" enables you to exchange keyboard's layout the way you want.

  The program "X-SMILE" is free and has no restrictions on coping or sharing.
We appreciate all your comments and notes to improve it and expand its functionality: eigor6971501@gmail.com.
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