"X-Type" is a programme for learning blind-typing method by your own.
The programme helps to recognize and memorize keyboard layout.
The advanced PC users can improve their typing skills and enormously increase the typing speed.
The programme is distributed free of charge.
The programme advantages:
-    compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP;
-    effective learning aimed at the only useful target: increasing typing seed!;
-    step-by-step improving and reinforcing of typing skills with gradual increase of typing job. The method to "from simple to complicated" is based on learning elements of keyboard layout first, then syllables, words, sentences and the complete text one after another. The progress and, subsequently success, are made thanks to a powerful combination of unconditioned reflexes to quickly form the necessary professional skills. They are:
    1. vision (you can see a letter on the monitor),
    2. aural impression (you can hear the letter to be pronounced),
    3. verbal expression (you repeat the letter verbally) and
    4. touch sense (you remember the position of the letter on keyboard - the so called "mechanical, muscle memory");
-    you can begin to type the text instead of learning key combinations. So, you immediately implement the principle "practice makes perfect";
-    thanks to the key separator you can easier learn the correct finger positioning on the keyboard and quicker increase you typing speed;
-    everyone may choose a necessary level to begin from;
-    flexibility: no programme limit or restriction to jump from one lesson to another. You can control you results yourself in the lessons history file. You can choose either learn to type with ten or two fingers;
-    there is an option to add your own sound file to any lesson or to add both a new text and its sound file;
-    gradual difficulty increase;
-    five versions of on-screen keyboard layouts with backlit key function to enable the beginners to quicker recognize and remember key positions.

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